Project - Kanko Rice Production Project

Project Name Kanko Rice Production Project
Reference Code AG158201220
Sector Agriculture
Project Owner Best Green Concept
Status planned
GPS Location Long. 5.598300 Lat. 9.930900
Physical Location Kanko, Niger state
Abatement 9000.00
ER status stocked


Growing rice in flooded conditions causes up to 12% of global emissions of methane, a gas blamed for about one quarter of global warming caused by humans. Rice production in Nigeria is faced with various challenges despite the fact that this is a major staple food in the country. Kanko in Niger state, has over 600 hectares of land that could be farmed, but the village says it needs more technology, as it doesn't have the manpower to farm all of the land efficiently and the area is also faced with the problem of methane emission So the project us targeted at supporting the community with machines, fertilisers and pesticides in order to be more productive and to mitigate climate change. Also the project proposes conservation tillage, water saving irrigation technique such as alternate wetting and drying, soil amendments with biochar, vermicompost, azolla-cyanobacterial mixture, recommended silicate slag, and phospho-gypsum with minimum NPKSZn fertilizer (IPNS) to be introduced to the field level farmers for sustainable rice production and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions