Project - Ilaje Mangrove Restoration

Project Name Ilaje Mangrove Restoration
Reference Code AG750201220
Sector Agriculture
Project Owner Best Green Concept
Status ongoing
GPS Location Long. 4.767900 Lat. 6.203200
Physical Location Lagos
Abatement 5000.00
ER status stocked


The loss of mangroves contributes to nearly one-fifth of global emissions from deforestation. Climate change also affects their survival. The report indicates that the effects of climate change could result in a loss of a further 10 - 15 per cent of mangroves by year 2100. The Ilaje Mangroves restoration emanates from the problem of overexploitation of the fishes and the simultaneous cutting down of the mangrove forest for the firewood used for cooking, this has resulted to air pollution and at the same time deforestation. The project is currently ongoing in which some mangrove seed are nurtured in the nursery and are planted back , this is a community project attracting funding from the private sector