Project - Rain water Harvester for Adamawa community

Project Name Rain water Harvester for Adamawa community
Reference Code AG709201220
Sector Agriculture
Project Owner Best Green Concept
Status ongoing
GPS Location Long. 12.398400 Lat. 9.326500
Physical Location Adamawa
Abatement 10000.00
ER status stocked


Considering the harsh impact of Climate Change in the northern Nigeria, the trend of drought over the recent years has been studied and the rain water harvester was suggested as an appropriate measures to curtail the drought. The project involves the designing of a 30000 litre rain water harvesting tank and simply f collecting rainwater during and/or after rainfalls. Once rainwater has been collected, it is treated and stored for re-use for agricultural purposes, particularly it is an adaptation technique that prevents the annual flooding due to climate change where intense rainfall is experienced in the month of June and this causes damage to agricultural land areas. This rainwater harvester is designed to divert heavy rainfall from reaching agricultural lands, thereby protecting crop plants from getting damaged.